Sunday, January 17, 2010

The post whose point it is to point out how pointless it is to not post for want of a point. (aka, the pontless post)

Yesterday, I watched my first ever Japanese Anime film, NausicaƄ: of the Valley of the Wind, and I really enjoyed it. Except for a few episodes of Pokemon and Superbook, I'd never seen anything in that style of animation before. I mean, it wasn't pixar, but it was completely hand drawn... it made me appreciate artists and animators and old Disney movies more. If you haven't watched that film I'd say go ahead and watch it. If you don't have anything better to do. Which goes without saying, but I wanted to add it especially in this case, because I think that there are a wide variety of things that you could/should do instead. Which isn't to say that the movie isn't good, it's just not a "must see" film.

:gah: The really sad thing here is that I thought about writing this earlier today, and I thought, "But, Micah, none of your posts lately have had a point. You shouldn't post any more unless you have a point." ...So I thought about it a little bit longer and I came up with a point to which that bit about the anime movie was an intro. The problem is, I forget what the point is... probably because I waited until this evening to start writing. Rrrr, so frustrating, knowing that I had something I wanted to say to you. If we were in a conversation, this wouldn't happen, I would have just told you. I need to carry my notebook around with me more, so that I can write down these ideas.

I know. I'll just ramble on about things in general until I remember what the point was.

I have found myself unable to relate to the things my friends are writing about. I'm not sure if I understand what Hayley is talking about... is the question, "If you could be a month, which would you want to be?" or is it, "Based on who you are, which month do you think you are most like?" Because, the first one seems pointless (you're can't be a month. Or an astronaut. Sorry kid) and the second one seems like you're comparing apples and oranges. I'm not sure if I understand what Rebecca is talking about... I've never noticed any awkwardness when having conversations with her, even if they were mostly silent thinking. All I really understand about her post is that it's probably ironic that I don't understand her post. I'm not sure if I understand what Andrew is talking about... this whole secrecy paradigm seems strange, I'm not sure how to relate, and it makes me wonder how professional poets/musicians/anything can possibly feel comfortable letting the entire world read the things that describe feelings they don't want to explain. I mean, yeah, Andrew's doing that too. I don't understand that. I'm not sure if I understand what Michael's talking about... mostly because he hasn't been saying anything. (I forget, was I supposed to write a quick letter, or was he?) ...Maybe Michael is hardcore and doesn't post unless he has something to say. I should probably take after his example.

I still can't remember what it was that I was going to talk about.

Part of me wants to say, "No more posts without a point." And then another part of me says, "Why?" And the first part of me looks at the third part of me and says, "Oh... hey, yeah, why?" And all three parts are so busy wondering what you call being split into three parts (trichotomy? That just sounds painful) that they forget all about the question. No more. Right now, I have united all of my parts to answer this burning questions: Why not write posts without points?

Honestly, it makes me feel bad that all my friends blogs are full of ideas when mine is full of the unhatched eggshells of ideas. And don't say they aren't. Sure, you have moments of eggshellyness, but by and large, not so. I just looked at the front page of my blog, an it's only 20& seriously thought out stuff. (Don't try doing that, this post will mess that up) I feel like I'm getting more than I give, and that makes me feel bad.

Then, of course, there's the whole "I can do whatever I want. It's my blog," paradigm, and I'm kind of inclined to agree. Who I am is probably about 20% serious, and this blog is (oh narcissism) about me. If you don't like it, you don't like who I am. And if I don't like it, I don't like me either. Sure, maybe I need to change who I am, but it feels kind of false to simply announce, "no more posts unless they have a point." Sounds like a pretty good way of killing my blog. And I like my blog. I like the template. I like the fact that it doesn't go to the default comments page. Ever. Yeah, I like that best.

Still nothing as far as a point goes.

If I had made this a video, it would be ten minutes long and impossible to edit. Speaking of videos, did I mention that they're incredibly fun to make? I mean, really, who knew that sitting on a couch talking to a computer could be so entertaining? I'm not sure, at this point, if I want to try making serious ones that are viewable only here, or if I want to keep making less serious ones that can be posted publicly on Youtube. I'm not sure what good motives I could possibly have for considering the second option, but I am, oddly, considering it.

Oh well. I still can't remember what the point was. Sorry. I can't even remember if I decided not to post again until I had a point. :gah:


  1. I want to blog. And I need to figure out why I'm not.

    "I feel like I'm getting more than I give, and that makes me feel bad."

    Me too. Especially when I'm not "giving" (blogging) anything at all.


  2. I have this feeling all the time. But it never stops me from posting. [Ehm, maybe it should?] Case in point, my most recent post was a Facebook meme. [I feel like I should have kept that a secret.]

    "I feel like I'm getting more than I give, and that makes me feel bad." That's just silly. I think, and this theory is still in its undeveloped and self-indulgent stage, but I think that it's difficult for any [most?] extroverted thought to be pointless.

    @Liz - I want you to blog, too. Legit. If that makes a difference.

  3. Selfish reason(?): pointless points at least mean that I get to hear what's happening in your life. Which makes them pointful (like small talk can have a point, that is, conversation and making people feel comfortable).

    It seems like none of us have spurts of ideas at the same time...

    I don't like comparing myself to my friends and falling short.

    Before I try to explain how I'm trying to get my head around this post, I'll try to explain the thing you said about me (... I like being mentioned...): I think I'm not awkward in conversations, only in groups where people are talking about music I haven't heard, movies I haven't seen, jokes I don't find funny, etc. etc.

    I'm wondering if this is similar to what I've been thinking about having nothing to say.