Sunday, January 24, 2010

(notebook mash-up)

This is for the breathers of premeditated fumes,
the buyers of contradictory chemicals and the minds that contemplate a singular shell
contemplate piercing and wiping clean the mind that contemplates.
Contemplates, contemplates with shaking fingers.
This is for those shaking fingers, when they press cold steel to their wrists.
Those shaking breaths and shaking fingers when they fumble their last knot.
This is for the fearful eyes and probing toes that peer down at the water below,
That peer down at the world passing - on sidewalks - beneath.
This is for the hair that is blown by the wind
And the arms that don't care enough to keep their balance.

You are still here.

And you have hope, know it or not, you have hope.
And hope, though it sleeps, though it hibernates,
Though it lies dormant within you can be woken.
And this premeditation or compulsion is a sleep from which hope cannot wake.
But hope, once woken, rises up
And wipes the grime and dust away from your eyes
And lets light shine once more through those windows
And lets light shine once more into your soul.
And lets light shine.

So stay, for the sake of the hope within you.
You are here, and we are here with you, so stay.
You are here, and you are not alone, only blind.
So stay, and let your hope be woken and let light shine.
Keep trying, keep living. Stay.

1 comment:

  1. I've not contemplated, or at least not like that, but I think I can say that I understand, after the end of MASTERS. I stay only because of the hope that light may shine, here in the land of the living.