Thursday, January 14, 2010

iTunes Analysis

I don't know why I do these things, I really don't. I spent all evening with a notebook, my iTunes library, and a Google Spreadsheet analyzing the (sometimes embarrassing) content of my music collection. Here are the facts:

Total songs: 865 (stop laughing, I only started a year ago)
Nearly half, 48.96% of the artists are represented by only one song.
My Top 25 most played songs are 52% DavidCrowder*Band, 44% Switchfoot, and 4% Owl City.
If my entire library is on Shuffle, here are the top ten most likely artists to be played:
  1. Relient k - 14.45%
  2. Switchfoot - 9.83%
  3. Josh Woodward - 6.47% ('cause he's free)
  4. MercyMe - 5.78% (Okay, yeah, this is embarrassing)
  5. U2 - 5.09% (I need more U2)
  6. DavidCrowder*Band - 5.09%
  7. The Hoffman family - 4.16%
  8. Sanctus real - 3.81%
  9. DJ L33 - 2.89% (this one... techno music by a friend of mine. Also free.)
  10. Owl City - 2.66%
This is so incredibly nerdy. It's also really, really interesting. I was surprised by a lot of the information that I unearthed. If you're kinda geeky and have nothing to do, try this. Unless your music library is huge. Don't do it then. It's not worth that. Also, there is a surprising inconsistency between what I have and what I listen to... as in, I own more Relient K than anything else, but I hardly ever listen to them.


  1. I have a DJ L33 song. I think this is the crowning glory of my iTunes library. [Not really. But totally.]

  2. I have only slightly more songs than you do (I have 901, to be exact, so I'm not laughing). This *is* really interesting. 12 out of my 25 most played songs involve Jon Foreman in some way. I should buy some more DC*B albums.