Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All is revealed!

So, yes, I accidentally posted my post on facebook before I got a chance to start writing it. Instead of fixing that, I decided to make a video instead. I'm really not sure where to go with this whole video thing, it has a lot of possibilities.

P.S. When I say "I'm thinking about getting a facebook," that means when I know I can't be refused if I ask. Which is when I graduate. Until then, I'll pretend to be on the fence.


  1. That Danny - B, whatever-his-name is guy is right on the ball as far as the shallowness of facebook. It's not deep. At all.

    As far as wasting time...well, like anything online, you have to be responsible. But facebook doesn't help. :P

    That wasn't very helpful. Anyways. Happy thinking.

  2. This was part YourAverageAdam and part dudeneedaeaseonup. Sorta.

    So from what I remember back when I listened to it, I liked the lecture, but I think he missed the point that Facebook is only transient /if you use it that way./ Like all tools, the damage or good it does depends on the user.

    Facebook is a social fad that will fade when Mark Zuckerburg runs out of money [unless, like, Google buys it . . . zomg, jinx!] but for now it somehow makes me feel connected to people. Which is silly, but, silly isn't inherently bad.

  3. The thing I remembered from the Danny B lecture was "a public friendship is an oxymoron"... which really interested me.

    I also am not completely sure if I'm allowed to get a facebook; my parents said I should talk to them about it when I turn sixteen. "I'll pretend to be on the fence." I think I've done that; I guess it's still useful to think about, so I'll know if it's worthwhile if I am allowed.

    I think the thing I miss out on most is photos, but I rarely seem to get in photographs at tourneys anyway.

    I really like the video blogs you're doing.

    If I was more awake maybe this comment would hold together better.

  4. Plenty of reasons to stay on the fence. I stayed there for quite a long time. I wonder if Danny B has a Facebook...

    It is most certainly a precarious thing. Like the rest of the internet, it requires responsibility and caution. I can totally relate to the procrastination thing, so your reasons for trepidation are definitely valid.

  5. I currently don't have a FB, and if I did get one it only be because I want to stay connected with people, which, come to think of it, is kind of a silly reason- is there anything of importance I would say to someone if I had a FB that I can't say to them now without one?

    I'm not sure but I don't think I will ever get a Facebook. I find that people say things online that they wouldn't say face-to-face. Plus, having looked at a couple of friends profiles I have become almost entirely disenchanted with the whole thing.