Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pyramids with Nadja - Into The Silent Waves

(Andrew Bravener told me to listen to this song and write down "where it takes me". That's what I'm doing)

I'm somewhere I've never been before.
Everything is gray, the clouds above and the earth beneath. Nothing growing.
Standing on a cliff, overlooking the land beneath. It's a mountain, really, I am so far away from everywhere. It's as if I'm floating a hundred miles above the earth.
It isn't earth. Some other planet. An old planet. A dying planet.
Even through the clouds, I can feel the heat of the sun.
I'm here to watch the end of this world. To bear witness. To watch and affirm that this world ended justly.
"Oh, God, here it comes."
The sky is ripping apart, the people below... I can see their faces - somehow - don't know where to run.
They just stand.
Stand, with their eyes upwards and their faces grieved and in pain, crying out "Oh, God, why did this come? Oh, God, where are you?"
And the clouds roll back, an answer.
But only the sun is revealed. Burning with a passionate white heat.
All of a sudden, I feel this spirit beside me. It is he who brought me here to watch.
And still the burning and the crying continue.
"How long, oh spirit? How long will this pain continue?"
"Until there is nothing left to burn, and no one to scream."
"Why am I here?"
"You are a prophet. You will go home and tell of what you have seen. You will tell them that this is coming to your world, that this end cannot be escaped. Watch and bear witness to the fall of a world. Watch and see how a planet dies. This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but a whimper."
I see souls being ripped apart like the clouds, light blasting from within them.
And then the light ascends, and darkness begins to fill the earth.
"Spirit, is it over?"
"It has nearly ended. Watch, until you see nothing."
One last voice comes forth. One last cry. One last testament of the life of this world.
And it cries, "Thus passes our world, as all will."


  1. I feel tremendously deprived for having stopped watching those.

    This reminds me of Lamentations and A Wrinkle in Time and The Space Trilogy, and, so so many other things, it is wonderfully sensory-overloading.