Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Men Without Chests (again)

Linda, you asked about me maybe making a video showing you the music for the poem/song I posted earlier. Here it is. I literally spent approximately twenty minutes on this. No complaints about quality. The lyrics changed a little, but I'm not going to type them out again. You'll figure it out. *nod*


  1. I like this. So much.

    Listening to the song made me understand it so much more deeply. I think, the song is saying that because your heart is so new, it's not that you can't feel, it's that you do feel, and don't know how to be... balanced. I also really like this line about, "and it feels so difficult Explaining what I don't know." ... we can't understand unless we can feel it, not just reason about it?

    I wish I was a musician, sometimes, so that what I write could have this whole other layer of meaning that sound gives. Only, thoughts don't come to my mind in music.

  2. YES! I like it! Excellent. :-D As Rebecca said- one understands the emotional flow better this way. And I love the syncopation (found myself putting drums to it! :-D). Twenty minutes? Lucky you. Ditto Rebecca. Oh, to be a musician. :-D Thanks for doing that.

  3. Thanks, both of you. But, ask Andrew, I'm not a musician. This is... being a creative copy-cat. :P