Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dreaming (a true story)

So, today, I was napping.
Then, I was awake, but still lying in my bed with my eyes closed.
Maybe I was never asleep.
Ignore the part where I asserted that I was napping. I was trying to nap, and I may or may not have succeeded.
Anyway, my mom comes into my room.
Or, at least, I think she did, I never saw her.
I just heard her and Jay have a conversation about Geometry.
And then my mom told Jay to be quiet because I was sleeping, and he said I wasn't.
So, to keep Jay from getting into trouble, I said I was awake. But I didn't move.
Then my mom left (if she was ever in the room)
Ten minutes later, I decided that I must be awake, so I rolled over and sat up.
Then I remembered what had just happened.
But I wasn't sure if I had dreamed it or if it really happened.
So I asked Jay.
He gave me a really funny look, as if he wanted to lie.
Then he told me that it really happened and reminded me that I had said I was awake.
I remembered that.
So I guess I was awake for that whole episode.
Then I told Jay, "I have such mundane dreams that I often confuse them for reality."
If anybody mentions Inception in the comments, I will be peeved.

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  1. That happens to me fairly frequently :P I was very amused by the story.

    Inception. There, I said it.