Tuesday, May 18, 2010

All the Sad Songs (poem version)

I can share my regrets. I can share my pain.
I can show you places, places of my shame.
I follow the same pattern in all things I create,
In writing all the sad songs - all the sad songs that I play.

I can write a letter that brings you close to tears.
I can paint a portrait: a metaphor for fears.
Would you understand me if I whispered in your ear?
I'm sorry I'm so obvious when it comes to despair.

Why can't I make you joyful, why can't I make you smile?
Why can't I make you happy - happy for a while?
You'd think I'd have discovered some effervescent style
And capture it through mimicry of those that I admire.

There are some things that are easier to say and really feel
There are some things that the happy songs are trying to conceal
I've always tried for honesty rather than appeal
And if that means depressing notes, blame me for being real.

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