Monday, March 8, 2010

cliche, constancy, contentment (but not necessarily in that order)

I forget, sometimes, that I am supposed to be content. Not that I ever stop wanting to be content... just that I forget that I have what I need to be content.
Sometimes God feels so far away from me. Sometimes it feels like God is not there, that all that I am supposed to find contentment in is just out of reach. Sometimes. But I listen to music, I sulk, I write blog posts (I publish more of them than I like to admit). And always, in those times, I ask myself... Why? I'm supposed to be content, why don't I feel content? Where is God?

And then...

It occurs to me that God isn't the one changing. He doesn't change. I change. And it's my own inconstancy that makes me feel so discontent. And when I have a bad day, it's because I fail to notice and accept what it is He's offering me. God gives us needs, and He provides for them... and he always does, I just forget that sometimes. But it isn't because God is far away, it's my own forgetfulness, my own changing.

I've been rediscovering Christian cliches... and finding them true.

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  1. I love that moment of understanding when a Christian cliche proves itself true.

    I am so very forgetful -- oh, the transience of the human mind!