Sunday, December 27, 2009

I even offend figments of my subconscious imaginaiton.

So, I was having this dream, and somebody was playing Check Yes Juliet. And in my dream, I told them that I didn't like the chorus, and they were offended, and I apologized and explained how I thought the rest was pretty good, but the chorus annoyed me. Then they taught me how to play it, and I woke up and wrote down the chords (because I couldn't identify at the time)

Y'know, I think I'm actually okay with not remembering most of my dreams.
Also, I got a C.S. Lewis book, which is not, in fact, one of his books, but a book full of excerpts on different subjects. And it is called The Joyful Christian, which makes it feel like divine coincidence that I got that particular book (as a gift, mind, I didn't pick it out)


  1. Did you dream that you woke up and wrote down the chords, or did you wake up and somehow just know? Because if it's the second, that sounds kind of intriguing, to get knowledge from a dream.

  2. I actually woke up and wrote them down in my notebook. "G-A-Em-C-G" ...only, I'm sure that those aren't the actual chords (I checked), they're just very commonly used chords.