Thursday, November 12, 2009


You were so sad, I felt bad that I hadn't done more
And the noise of your voice made me wish I could help
I really tried, but I was tired, and I think I ignored
The questions you asked, the people we passed in the hall

You looked so alone and on your own it made me cry
But you didn't see, I hid in me and didn't let it show
You wanted to talk, I could tell by your walk, but I... I just walked away.
Too full of self to give you love, the only thing you needed.

I wasn't a very good at showing you that I was listening
I wanted to sit and listen for a bit to what you had to say
Maybe you thought that I was not interested in your company
Please know that when you had to go I wished that you could stay.

I'm sorry that I never said a word to you,
but the silence spoke the only three words I wanted to say.
I hope you understood.


  1. Man, Micah... this is incredibly sweet.
    And convicting, too: it makes me wonder, do I even notice when people besides myself need love?

  2. I feel like I have been on both sides of this kind of interaction. The last few days I have been wondering exactly how to express it, believe it or not. It's almost frustrating that you were able to, and I haven't been.