Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nano update

In retrospect, first-person narrative might have sounded like a good idea in October, but 25k into the actual book (*unenthusiastic cheer*) I am reminded how much I hate books that use first-person narrative (Jayber Crow is the exception, sorry to lump your three-day novel in there Michael, I'm in a bad mood right now)

As if figuring out verb tenses wasn't hard enough with first-person narrative, I went ahead and made my story about time travel. Take a look at this pitiable excuse for English and tell me I'm wrong:

More than anything, I wanted life to go back to normal. If it took a trip to the past to send myself a message I had already received in order to allow me to prevent the death of a close friend who, as it turned out, had been both my college roommate and my high school physics teacher, well then so be it.

So I'm not sure what to do. If I had a good plot, I would start writing something else right now. At about 3000 words a day, I could still finish with 50k. I might press on with this plot, then burn it in December. I might just quit, after all, the whole point of doing nano in July was so that I wouldn't have to do it in November.

Obviously, that last one isn't an option, but I might start back at word-count-zero and see what happens. I just really, really hate what I'm writing right now.


  1. Yeah, you can't quit.
    But you could start writing something else, and then see if you can connect the two stories somehow, so it counts as one novel. Or just write 3000 words a day.

    Oh, or you could switch to third person and keep this same plot, then in December edit the first half of the book to be in third person.

  2. So you started over- I hope all goes well! I'm cheering you on.