Friday, November 27, 2009

I am thankful for

- C.S. Lewis, even though I'm sure that I idolize him ore than I should.
- Fingerless gloves
- My family: Mom, because she challenges me, Dad, because I couldn't ask for a better role model, Bri, because she takes my crazy ideas seriously enough to write college papers about them, Tim, because he makes me feel cooler than I am, Jay, because nobody understands me better, Jonny, because I would never work if it weren't for him, Stephen, because I know, deep down, that I'm really annoyed by the fact that he's so much cooler than I was at his age, and Phoebe, because everybody needs someone adorably annoying in their lives.
- My friends, who love me
- Nanowrimo
- Toe-socks
- Youtube videos
- Unimaginable saving grace.

I've taken a lot of things for granted this year, I've forgotten to count my blessings, and even if I tried, they're far too many to count. I even forgot to thank God for you, this morning, when I woke up. Sorry, but I really am grateful that you're alive, I wanted to tell you that.


  1. FINGERLESS GLOVES! Aw, Ash Ketcham, you. [My happiness for you is outweighing my jealousy. ;P]

    Micah, have I mentioned recently, your family is really, REALLY awesome.

  2. :grin: This picture of you is making me very happy. Yeah.