Saturday, September 19, 2009

where the wind was

The weather today was perfect. Sunny, cool, windy. It was a perfect day for sitting on top of a windy, grassy hill and reading. I know this because when I walked down to the mailbox and found a letter from Michael, I proceeded to walk another two miles to the nearest windy, grassy hill to read it. And it was perfect.

On the way, I tried walking in the middle of the street, on the yellow lines. It was actually kind of frightening. One guy yelled at me. One guy looked really confused, and, although I don't know what he was thinking, he was probably thinking "what is this guy thinking?" Also, I got zero reactions when I was walking on the side of the road. A red convertible passed by me as I was walking to the hill. The same car passed by me again on my way back. I wonder if he noticed.


  1. I walked two miles to the library today. I've decided young men in red cars are jerks. I didn't have the guts to walk on the yellow lines, though.

    "And it was perfect." Perfect. That's a big statement. I believe you.

  2. I happen to have been in New Hampshire on Saturday. . .the weather WAS perfect :)