Saturday, August 8, 2009

malignant humanity

Like a cancer in my skin
Like a tumor in my heart
There's a darkness deep within
That rips my soul apart

Like a battle to be won
in a fight against my soul
A rebuilding just begun
as I try to make me whole

Like a wish for simple living
in a world that's filled with madness
From within something is eating
and replacing joy with sadness

Afflicted with humanity
Addicted to my own
Burdened with insanity
Afraid of the unknown

Arrived within this gravity
held down by weight of death
Trapped now in this depravity
without cause to draw new breath.

Like all placed in one hope
when there's nothing to hope for
As I try to more than cope
'cause the present makes me want more

In redemption and in grace
death defying to believe
are now where I put my faith
upon my death day's eve

I can hope I'm not to late
when I chose to be remade
that the cost to hesitate
isn't sins wages to be paid

I'm still trapped here on this island
in a universe of pain
the horizon starts to expand
I can see now through the rain

an intangible deluge
has been filling up my eyes
but in Love's sheltered refuge
I can finally see death's demise

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