Saturday, August 8, 2009

having fun (things that don't matter)

I happen to be in Montana today, I was in British Columbia for a week before this. My whole family went on vacation, it was pretty cool, we did some fun stuff, we went to a ranch and rode horses (I didn't, I don't like riding horses)

Here in Montana, every other building on the street is a "Something & Bar" or "Something & Pub" and in between the somethings are casinos. We had a casino night on the ranch that we went to, with fake money, but you could win more money doing dares (standing up and singing something) than by winning at blackjack. I won every hand of blackjack, and I won 50,000 dollars for singing Modern Major General.

Today we went into one of the "Something & Bar's" for lunch, it was called Craggy Ridge, I think. We're in the part of Montana that is in the middle of the mountains, so that name fit. At Craggy Ridge, they offer hamburgers that are made out of buffalo meat. Tim got one, he said it was the best burger he ever had.

I thought about getting one, but since I don't really like burgers, I didn't, Even though it would have been fun to say "I ate a piece of muscle tissue ripped from the carcass of a buffalo." Okay, that's just gross, but it would be cool to say that I've tasted buffalo. Like saying that I've had alligator, or polar bear, or ostrich. (I've had two out of those three) Oddly enough, my reason for not getting the buffalo was that it didn't matter.

My thought process:

"It would be kind of cool to try buffalo."


"Because not a lot of people have."

"But you don't even like burgers. Besides, you'll be able to some other time. Ultimately, it doesn't matter if you don't, even if you were to die without tasting buffalo, there are no eternal ramifications for eating a burger that you probably won't enjoy. Go with the avocado and turkey sandwich."

"Okay. That sounds good."

Interestingly enough, I find this happening more and more often. I'm having a hard time figuring out what do do with things that don't matter. Things that matter in a good way I can deal with, things that matter in a bad way I can deal with... but what do you do with things that don't matter?

Unless everything matters, in which case, maybe I should have had the buffalo. But I only wanted it because it was a bragging point, which isn't really a good reason to want to eat something. I don't want to be a killjoy, but some fun things really don't matter. I suppose there are other things I could be doing, things that do matter that are being neglected because I'm doing things that don't matter. I wish my eyes were capable of seeing the bigger picture.


  1. You don't like riding horses? (Do you also hate small children?)

    Buffalo is kind of yummy, but so is turkey and avocado. Unless you die today you'll probably have a chance to have buffalo again. [Legit, there are buffalo farms all over New England, it's kind of weird.] Maybe fun's justification is that the more things we experience, the more we understand, the better we can relate and analyze. I never used to understand the stigma of Nutella, cos I'd never tried it. Now that I've bothered to cough up the $4 for that tiny jar, I totally get why Nutella is a priority in life. It doesn't matter, not really, but it kind of does. In a small way.

    I guess, fun has the value you assign it.

  2. Just FYI, I do this too. Like, this sort of mental process goes on with me all the time lately.