Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fairy tale

This isn't really a story for children, just like Noah's ark, this story isn't for children.

There was once an ugly troll and a beautiful princess. The troll loved the princess, but because she was so beautiful he dared not proclaim his affection.

Then, one day, as the ugly troll was bringing the beautiful princess a spool of thread, he happened to catch sight of her reflection in a mirror. But this mirror was magical, instead of showing your reflection, this mirror showed the person you were on the inside.

The mirror showed the princess as she was, a troll every bit as ugly as the ugly troll himself.

Afraid no longer, the ugly troll told the beautiful princess of his love for her. In the mirror, the troll's reflection became a little less ugly. But when the princess refused, her reflection grew uglier still. Seeing this change, the ugly troll left the princess and never returned.

All of us are ugly, and only love can make us beautiful people once again.