Thursday, May 7, 2009

Soccer in the sunshower

I love sunshowers. They're on a whole different level of awesome than regular rain. Because regular rain means thoughtful, sort of melancholy, bittersweet joy. Sunshowers are like happiness pouring down in two different forms, sun, and rain.

I'm actually about to head a soccer ball right there. Yeah, amazing doesn't begin to describe playing soccer during a sunshower. It was an exercise in regaining childhood (I splashed in puddles!) And when the rainbow showed up, I stood and held it in place while Jeremy got the camera.

Ahhhhh.... what else. I made another vector art today. And I got to eat avocado salad.

On the whole, today we pretty awesome. I'm too drunk with joy to write anything meaningful.

EDIT: That huge blank white space created by the pictures is bothering me. Okay, lets see if I can destroy it.

So, this NaQueWroMo thing, I'm pretty stoked about it. One question that I had (that I didn't use as my question of the day, but still asked myself) was whether or not I should post my questions here. I decided not to, for two reasons. One, I think that I need to think about my questions for more than a day before I'd be able to post anything meaningful or thought-provoking about them. Just questions, while important, are only good if they lead to answers. Two, I plan on using those questions for future posts, with much more thought into them. Three (I know I said that there were two, but I'm trying to fill space right now.) the sheer volume of the questions would be somewhat overwhelming. I started six days late, and I'm now three days ahead. (not counting multiple questions on the same subject (questions that clarify what the question really was.)) I feel like I'm cheating, either by being an "N" or by not having a strict enough criteria for what is a "deep" question. Either way, I will continue to output lots of questions into my notebook, and that way, even my questioning quality is in question (ba-dum-tsss) I will have made up for it in volume. I'm actually curious to find out how many questions I'll have written down by the end of the month.

Okay, hopefully this gets rid of the ugly blank space created by the pictures.
EDIT: Score, perfect. Now if only I wasn't in one of the photo's, the aesthetics of this blog might be passably good.

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