Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Micah does "art" again

I found some pretty cool art online, by somebody called Andrew (no last name given). His website is down right now, but you can check out his flickr for examples of his work.

That's background. I tried my hand at Vector Art, this was my first attempt, created using Incscape (free download!) and Gimp (also free!).


Obviously, it isn't as good as his. I'll keep working.

EDIT: I made another one. Better, I think.


  1. I like it. Not perfect, but I like it.

    thanks for liking this *triangle*ndrew dude, I "wasted" like half an hour checking out his stuff.

  2. linking* wow...that's a pathetic excuse for a comment.

    I feel like I should add something to make this worth your while.'ll see "oh, I have two comments" and then it's just Michael and then Michael again being his own spell check. So...I'm not really gonna say anything new here just...sorry for the letdown. In the words of Roelof's favorite American president: "I feel your pain."

  3. The "potential" one reminds me of a badminton birdie on fire because it passed through a rainbow.

    Very cool, I like them.

  4. Supa cool! I especially like the latest one you posted. I am now addicted to vector art.