Thursday, May 14, 2009

Public apology

I should like to publicly apologize to the libraries belonging to the following cities:
Wilton, CT
Wilton, near Saratoga Springs, NY
Wilton, Sacremento, CA
Wilton, Monroe, WI
Wilton, IA
Wilton, Little River, AR
Wilton, ND
Wilton, Shelby, AL
Wilton, Franklin, ME
Wilton, Wellington, New Zealand.

It was not my intention that the statements made in a previous post (Wilton Library) reflect poorly on the libraries located in the above mentioned cities (or countries, in the case of the New Zealand one) It was my purpose only to criticize the library located in Wilton, Hillsborough, New Hampshire. All negative comments made within the previous post apply only to my personal experiences with the Wilton Library located in New Hampshire. All positive comments apply to libraries in general.

In addition, it should be noted that all comments made anywhere by myself should be taken with a grain of salt. Odds are, I'm making fun of you. The previous post was intended as a satire, humorously poking fun at an institution. This post, also, is a satire... the effectivness of which is seriously deminished due to having been labled as such.

I do hope that in the future I will have the privalaige of personally visiting all of the Wilton Libraries which were mentioned at the beginning of this post. Especially the one in Connecticut, since it seems to have some decent books, and the one in New Zealand, because who wouldn't want to go to New Zealand.