Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wilton Library

On one hand,I'm being extremely ungrateful. After all, Libraries are amazing places. It doesn't matter what kind of library it is, its very existence makes the world a better place. Snicket had some interesting thoughts on this, but I'd have to go back to the library to find out exactly what he said (I think it was in the Carnivorous Carnival, but I'm not sure). Also, Google tells me that all he's had to say on the subject is "A good library will never be to neat or too dusty, because somebody will always be in it, taking books of the shelves and staying up late reading them." Which is very true.... Hmmm.

But, the reason I started writing this (and I spelled it "righting" originally) is because I must lodge a less that formal complaint with the Wilton Library. That is, the library in the town where I live, I'm sure there is another Wilton Library out there who doesn't deserve what's coming next.

Wilton Library, you don't have any good books. You have four complete sets of the Harry Potter series, three complete sets of the Series of Unfortunate Events, and way more copies of the Twilight books than any self-respecting learning center should possess. But what you don't have is the books I want to read. You don't have Sophie's World (I have it now through ILL) you don't have any C.S. Lewis books except for the Narnia series (and everybody has those, you don't get points there). So I have to request the Space Trilogy for Jay, because he wants to read them and I want to re-read them. Then, Wilton Library, you have a rule that says that I can't request more than two books at a time for ILL. What? What about trilogies. What if I want three books. Then, you ask me for the ISBN number of the books I want. Sorry, I don't keep that information in my head, you really should be glad that I knew how to spell Perelandra.

Wilton Library, I salute your existence (plus your librarians are awesome)... but I can't say I like your choice in reading material. Sorry, you rock, you suck. That's all.


  1. I am stranded in Attleboro for debate club - and this made my day. :D

  2. I really appreciate your comment on libraries being amazing places! And, I’m hoping you can help me. . . I’m a librarian at Wilton Library in Wilton Connecticut. If you are a patron of Connecticut’s Wilton Library, I would love to chat about your concerns (203-762-3950, Ext. 210); if you're not a patron, we can chat anyway if you'd like. I have spoken with our ILL manager about our policy and we ILL 6 books at a time for a borrower (more if they have a pressing need) and we wouldn’t ask for an ISBN. I also checked on our non-Narnia C.S. Lewis materials and we have an extensive amount (both in print and in audiobook format). And, we always appreciate receiving suggestions for purchases from our borrowers (www.wiltonlibrary.org/services/suggest/). Best regards. Mary Anne Mendola Franco, Head of Technology, Wilton Library, Wilton, CT, 203-762-3950, Ext. 210, www.wiltonlibrary.org

  3. Hi Marry,

    I am pleased to hear that the Wilton Library in Wilton, Connecticut is so well furnished. After only a brief search on your website, I was able to locate 43 titles by C.S. Lewis in your catalog (Including the space trilogy), not to mention Sophie's World. Your Library is indeed very impressive. And I applaud your ILL policy.

    To my greatest regret, I am not a patron of your excellent library. By virtue of living in New Hampshire, the Wilton Library which I attend is also in New Hampshire. You can view its website at www.wiltonlibrarynh.org, although I'm sorry to say that it is not really worth the effort, as you are unlikely to find any interesting books there.

    Thank you for commenting!