Wednesday, May 27, 2009

battleground (me)

There's a hideous strength inside of me
yanking on me horribly
pulling inexorably
where I never meant to be.

But there's anther strength inside of me
fighting back admirably
conquering victoriously
those demons that I cannot see.

And then there's my own strength inside of me
looking on with apathy
accepting dichotomy
as naught but divine comedy.

And with all of these strengths inside of me
making war so frightfully
battling ferociously
cover my soul with such debris.

There are so many strengths inside of me
who's winning now is hard to see
but very reassuringly
the winner is no mystery.


  1. *thumbs up* Michael likes this.

  2. *Chuckle* Facebook lingo! But indeed, this is an excellent poem, Micah. (And you took the time to make it rhyme!) That's something I'm often too rushed to consider. :P

  3. Micah, forget the engineer thing. You should grow up to be a poet. I know the pay is slightly less, but still...