Friday, April 10, 2009

just because...

Just because I lack formal employment doesn't mean I have nothing to do.

I'm finally caught up in schoolwork. Kinda. I have a literal ton of homework to do (except it isn't a ton yet, because I haven't done it. But when I've done it, there will be a literal ton of paper used)


I'm not really psyched about that. I mean, I expected to be tired after working double-time to catch up after all those tournaments. But... I'm not even slightly happy about having the weekend sort-of off. It's just "whatever, I always have the weekend, so what if I was expecting to spend it locked in my room doing precalc?"

Where the heck is the satisfaction for a job well done that I'm supposed to be feeling? Or, maybe I didn't do a good job. Or, maybe that homework means the job isn't really done. It felt done, it just didn't feel good. Snap. I'm so glad my workload next years is going to be so much less than now.


  1. Because there is no satisfaction in being caught up, because you're doing work that was theoretically already done. It kinda sucks. So you should do something with your weekend. (Hannah Montana the Movie just hit theaters, you and Tim can go expand your horizons. :P)

  2. I'll pass on Hannah, I always spend Easter weekend hiding eggs in sadistically hard places.