Saturday, May 7, 2011

Stand By Me

I watched Stand By Me, directed by Rob Reiner, as part of my English final (I have to write an analysis)

What is up with coming of age movies/books and swearing? I mean. Srsly.

I read Looking for Alaska, by John Green, because I wanted to. And it had so much swearing and filth and crudity. And it seriously bothered me. I couldn't relate to it, but apparently other people can, because it won an award for young adult fiction.
So then, I watch Stand By Me, and it's gross! I mean. Twelve year old kids using the F-word and joking about sex and... ugh!

Is this because I never went to public school? I don't want to ask, "am I missing something," but... am I missing something. Not missing out on something. Just. Why is it that in what are regarded as good coming of age stories, the kids swear like sailors and smoke and drink?

It's probably because a movie about christian homeschoolers would be unbearably boring.
Oh. Wait. BJU made those.
They were.
That solves that problem, then.

Peace, yo.

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