Saturday, May 28, 2011

A man - unknown to me and so
A man without hypocrisy -
stands to pray.

Oh my dear God.
Could I ever become a man who
believed the same thing for forty years?
Will I ever be the man who sits for forty years?
Who prays before every meal
Who stands
And prays, "Our Father..."
Will I ever be the steady job
The white-shirt-blue-tie office worker?
Will I ever hold myself steady?
I have never feared to ask questions,
Until I am overwhelmed by them.
Have I thrown myself so deeply into myself
That I can never know who I am?
Will I turn, and turn upon myself
Like dough, kneading my thoughts into themselves
But never rising, never cresting,
Never asking and answering.
Answer me, these. And all others.
Until I see you and am answered by you.
I could never stop asking till then.

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