Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yesterday, I got a terrible grade on my precalculus exam.

I am very bad at math. I don't understand precalculus. I was doing okay until we got into verifying trigonometric identities, then my pace of understanding slowed while the pace of the course remained constant. Problem. I was in a bad mood yesterday, because I had gotten a terrible grade on my precalculus exam.

My dad went shopping and forgot his wallet, so I drove forty minutes to bring him his wallet.

I was walking out of Hanford's supermarket, grumpy and sullen, when a man walking with his daughter turned to me and said, "This is Grace, she just got straight A's today!" He was obviously very proud of his daughter's accomplishment, and he was telling me because he wanted the whole world to know. It was adorable. I quickly came back with, "That's awesome! Congratulations, Grace," smiled, and left.

Briefly, I was mad at the girl for getting better grades than me. (she looked like she was twelve)

Then, I just thought, "her name was Grace."


  1. Mm. This is a really good story.

    So the nearest supermarket is 40 minutes away? [/feels sad that not everyone gets to live in Rhode Island]

  2. *smiles* This.... yes. God does stuff like that. :-D

  3. @Hayley, no. The nearest supermarket is five minutes away. But my dad likes hanford's better than market basket, shaws, or stop&shop (all within fifteen minutes).