Thursday, April 14, 2011

When I run, I run East, into the sunrise
Because all my strayings have been to the open places of the West, but no matter how far I stray, home is always East.
When I I stick my head out the window of a moving car, I hear classical music playing
Because I was born with music in my heart and the symphonies of the wind reveal themselves to me - sparingly, because I can only barely catch them and never can hold them when I bring my feet back to the ground.
When I strum guitar, I break my strings
Because whenever the music in the air around me comes close to the music in my head, something happens to remind me that I can never be satisfied with the sounds of the earth - something happens to remind me that the sound I hear in the wind and the light I see in the East are echoes of the song I was made to sing, and the smile on my face and the jubilant tears in my eyes grow every moment the songs we sing come closer to that song.

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