Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Music post (another one)

I've been listening to lots of music lately.

Not more than usual - at least, I don't spend more time listening. But as Amazon $5 albums continue to push my iTunes library towards the 2000-songs mark, I've noticed that I really can't listen to all of it. And I've noticed that there is more good music than i can listen to.

I used to have just Switchfoot and Relient K and Owl City and a bunch of free stuff that I'd listen to once and then forget about. Then, I only listened to Switchfoot, because they were the only good music in there. (I guess you're allowed to hate on my hate of Relient K, that seems fair) But now I have stuff like Dave Matthews, and the Decembereists, The Avett Brothers, U2, Sufjan Stevens, ect. The point is that there is too much good music out there to listen to all of it. So I've been trying to listen to all of my music more. My most played playlist is still completely David Crowder, Switchfoot, and Owl City.... but I haven't listened to those songs in a while (except. I still listen to the older SF albums because I used to not listen to them)



  1. How do you know you have lots of good music if you haven't listened to it?

  2. I've listened to it. I just don't listen to it. Tenses.