Sunday, August 8, 2010

Notebook poetry (part 2... or maybe 3)

When will you stop - trying to be something that you're not?
You 're already the one thing that I want.
And changing cannot make that change.
Out in the streets - You're dancing 'round and yelling "notice me!"
You're screaming till you have to stop to breath.
But I love you just the same.

- - - - - -

I never claimed to know you like you know me.
At times, I've found my doubt to outmatch my belief
But I did not pretend when I confessed you like a thief
So save me. Save me. Save me.

- - - - - -

Jonathan Keats was coughing blood
when he wrote the words that changed the world
With five days left, what have you done?
What have you said, what have you sung?
What have you changed, what have you brought about?
Have you enslaved or have you broken out?

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