Wednesday, April 28, 2010


It just dawned on me, looking at people's chat status's about At-Large slots, that I'm done with the NCFCA. I mean, I'm not totally done, I guess, but I'm not competing any more. At all. That's kind of big, for six years I always had next year to look forward to, speech ideas I wanted to try out, and I don't have that this year.

I'm trying to remember my last speech. It was, unless I'm overly romanticizing it, one of the best speeches I've ever given. Mrs. Ciandella told me that she and her girls thought that the Blue Like Jazz piece was my own words, "Micah was in love?" I... I kind of like that :heh:

It's strangely appropriate that my last performance wasn't a performance at all. It was the most real speech I've ever given.


  1. I wonder, then, if the best performances... are when it's real. Maybe not. But the thinking gives some interesting insight. :)

    p.s. The word verification thingie to post this comment was "ended". How fitting...

  2. that you're not competing next year makes me very sad. it's kind of illogical... (why be sad for futures?)

    I'm guessing you're not counting your senior speech, then?

    It's good to have a last time you can look back on and be glad for.

  3. That is perfect Micah. I guess . . . I think it shows a correct progression. When you entered the league you were learning how to talk, when you left, you were saying something worth saying.

    "that you're not competing next year makes me very's kind of illogical..." No, Rebecca, it's not illogical. Micah is your friend, you will miss him. It couldn't be more logical.

  4. Yes, I remember you telling me how good a speech your last one was. I must concur with Rebecca, I'm sad you're not competing anymore. But, I'm happy you leave on a meaningful last year. With a speech that was worth saying. =)