Monday, February 1, 2010

What I've been thinking about.

First, I've been wondering why I can't write any poetry lately. I just don't know, I have a bunch of single lines, in my notebook and in unpublished blog posts, and in my head, but I can't seem to write any of them down.

I've been thinking about language, music, and traditional worship songs. I've been wondering why it is that we even bother trying to capture God's essence in words. And, since we're trying already, we don't try harder than, "Our God is an awesome God!" I mean, yes, I believe that God is awesome. But I also believe that human language is a beautiful thing that has been given to us for the express purpose of trying (and failing) to describe God. Part of me says, "it's the simplicity of the language that makes those things beautiful," but I still think that human language is so much more capable than "Our God is an awesome God!" This is why I like U2 and Switchfoot and other lyrically excellent bands, they go further and deeper, using language to fuller extent to describe truth and beauty and God. I guess - I think - that simple language has it's place and is equally pleasing to God, but I don't understand people who are satisfied to listen to repetitive, simplistic worship songs alone.

Oh, here's one I need your help with. I've been thinking of something I could do with Youtube, beyond occasional topical videos that would work just as well as blog posts (but with far less work). I've been wondering if I should do a year long project called "365 questions." I don't know if there's actually a project called that. Basically, I would post a video a day with a "question of the day", maybe answering, maybe just contemplating, maybe avoiding. I don't know. A question/video a day, for a year. Am I crazy? Does that sound fun? Should I do it? (I don't want to start and not follow through, but I don't want to never start for fear of not following through either. I need my friends advice!)

I've been thinking about my thematic, and how I can possibly convey the message I want when I can only speak 150 of my own heartfelt words at the very beginning. I'm agonizing over those words, trying to make them impactful, trying to use them to tie my pieces together, trying to make them last through the whole speech. I've been wondering if I'm even allowed to arrange my pieces the way they are, or if I'll just get disqualified at script submission. I don't think I want to do my piece if I'm not allowed, the flow of ideas is dependent upon putting segments of pieces together.

I suppose I have been thinking about some of the things I should. I've been thinking about the testing, and how on earth I'm going to get a decent math score. I've been thinking about what everybody said about my Growing Up post. I've been thinking about how much I should be thinking about the things in my Growing Up post. I've been thinking about L'Abri, and how much I want to go there. I've been wondering about other people, like Andrew and Hayley (hi guys) and what they're going to do. I feel like I should have asked them about it, but I can't think of any way to start that conversation, except "Soooo. What are your life plans?" and that sounds kind of awkward in my head. For some reason, I always picture them looking at me over their left shoulder and just staring blankly until I say, "Um. Yeah. Just.... just wondering."

I've been thinking about Trident Layers gum, and how delicious it is, and whether or not it's better than Trident Splash or not. I'm gonna have to say, I think Splash is better. There's just a bit too much gum in the Layers.

I made a video explaining why I haven't been posting, and how it was because - although I have been thinking - I haven't been thinking about very blog worthy things (evidence throughout this post) I promise, something a little more meaningful tomorrow. But let me know what you think about the Youtube project!


  1. "I don't understand people who are satisfied to listen to repetitive, simplistic worship songs alone." Psalm 136 must drive you crazy.

    "Am I crazy? Does that sound fun? Should I do it?" Yes, omtadag, yes, do it.

    "For some reason, I always picture them looking at me over their left shoulder and just staring blankly until I say, "Um. Yeah. Just.... just wondering."" I can't even begin to unpack what that says about your psyche.

    "I think Splash is better." Ptth, clearly.

  2. Oh man, the 365 questions thing sounds like so much fun! Only hum… I know I don’t have access to video and computer every single day of the year, so would it be feasible to actually do? If you think you can, you have to. :D

    I want to say something about your thematic, besides the fact that it's exciting; something about how good I think it is for me to spend time on speeches that I really care about (ie my Oratorical speech, or DI), and that maybe it's the same way for you.

    I'm also thinking about how I didn't say anything on your Growing Up post.

    In my mind, I can almost hear you say this post out-loud. =)

  3. I have more to say, but for now I'll just say this: Splash is always better.

  4. Ha! Your random statement about my life plans would have make sense if I had read this sooner. I didn't even know why you wanted me to stare over my left shoulder. "Why not my right?" I asked. I chalked it up, as I often do, to what must be my own societal ignorance. :P

    Just to put in a good word for "Our God is an Awesome God," it's psalmlike in more ways than the repetition. There are obviously more words in it than that. "Our God is an awesome God" is the refrain, the simple truth that repeats, and the lines in between are the descriptions you're talking about.

    When he rolls up his sleeves, he ain't just puttin' on the ritz,
    There's thunder in his footsteps and lightening in his fists,
    The Lord wasn't joking when he kicked them out of Eden,
    It wasn't for no reason that he shed his blood,
    His return is coming soon so you'd better be believing...

    And you know the rest. Now, if you don't like those lines, fine, but regardless, it has much more to it than the simplicity. $0.02.