Thursday, January 7, 2010


The Scientist observed as test subject #38 stepped into the sparsely furnished room. Through the one way mirror, he could see #38 taking in his surroundings; the black and white photographs and watercolor sketches on hanging framed upon the wall, the small, plain table, the basket of clementines. The Scientist picked up his pen and clipboard as test subject #38 noticed the clementines. All the test subjects had been told that they were going into a waiting room before they were tested, but really, the waiting room was the test. They were told that they could help themselves to the fruit inside, and so far, nearly all of them had done so. Test subject #38 picked up Clementine A, which had been carefully positioned so that it had a 72% chance of being picked first. The Scientist watched as test subject #38 felt the clementine, and put it back into the basket.

"Subject classifies clementine - "too squishy"" The Scientist wrote down on his clipboard. He then watched as test subject #38 chose, felt, and rejected Clementine's B, C, D, and F. Finally, test subject #38 picked up - unknowingly, having lost track - Clementine A once again. Test subject #38's eyes brightened slightly, and he began to peal the clementine and eat it happily.

The Scientist sighed and rubbed his eyes, "Context is everything." He grumbled to himself.

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  1. So true, and so cynical . . . and true *sigh*