Monday, December 21, 2009

Pandora loves the song, Awakening.
Seriously, it doesn't matter what station I create, Awakening is sure to get played.

Switchfoot station? Yes.
Anberlin station? Yes.
Straylight-Run station? Yes.
Waking Ashland station? Yes.
MercyMe station? Yes.
Phil Wickham station? Yes.
U2 station? Yes.
Jon Foreman station? Yes.

Sure, a lot of those make sense. But I'm kind of afraid to find out what would happen if I tried creating an Awakening station. The universe would probably explode.


  1. Pandora seems to pull stunts like that.

    My respect for your taste in music has increased considerably after seeing "Waking Ashland" on your list of Pandora stations.