Thursday, October 8, 2009

T-shirt charity

I am the kind of person who:
Is self absorbed.
Is concerned with his image.
Is obsessed with looking "cool".
Is interested in appearances.
Is superficial.
Is all about sending the right message.
Is not at all concerned if that message is true.
Would rather buy a "ONE" or "TWLOHA" T-Shirt than actually donate to these organizations.
Would justify buying expensive shoes, or iPods, or Starbucks coffee that is Product (RED) because "that's a donation."
Would justify this selfish, materialistic action by saying that it is a "donation" of sorts.
Would spend $50 bucks on a pair of sneakers. $0.50 of which probably goes to helping people.
Would feel good about himself for this.
Should be just donating the freaking $50 bucks and buy non-name-brand, cheap shoes if he actually cared.
Shouldn't be buying shoes anyway, or iPods, or coffee, or T-shirts.
Should be so much more loving.
Should care more about the hurt and helpless than he does about his self image.

1 comment:

  1. :sigh:
    oh how trendy well-meaning idealism is, and what a skill, to feed our conscience while we feed the monster of self.