Friday, October 30, 2009

Legacy of Liberty

Undoubtedly, I think too highly of my own opinions. And even if I don't, writing sarcastic, intentionally contradictory answers to test questions is not healthy behavior (for grades or for the soul)


Legacy of Liberty is the least scientific, most historically revisionist, least balanced, most founding-fathers-idolizing course I have ever had the displeasure of taking. For this reason, by the end of the tests my ability to write the answers the questions ask for is at its end, and I invariably write the answers that I think are right. In an extremely sarcastic way. The end result is that I'm disgusted with the course and with myself. Uhg.

28. How did the Declaration echo Lex Rex?
If you read Lex Rex in front of a large wall with the Declaration on it, you can hear the echo coming off the Declaration.

29. Cite the two fundamental ways in which the Declaration of Independence is structured upon the Judeo-Christian base;
A: it isn't. B: just give up.

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