Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dear God

Dear God, I'm writing to confess I've made a mess of everything I see.
Dear God, I don't know how I'm this far down under all this debris.
Dear God, I know I've made a big mistake and that's how I got here.
Dear God, I've tried to hide for all my life I have been filled with fear

Dear God, where were you when I needed to know why?
Dear God, who's footprints walked alone the sands of time?
Dear God, who's footprints are they, yours or mine?
Dear God, who's footprints walk when all I did was kneel and cry?

Dear God, I'm begging you to forgive my unbelief.
Dear God, I wish I'd known that trusting you could bring me such relief.
Dear God, forgive me.

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