Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Man, the NCFCA is so frustrating! Illustrated Oratory, really, really? I mean, c'mon, all it is is expos with all the fun taken out of it. All I could think while reading through the new rules was "how can I twist this to totally screw over the league administration?" I mean, I really, really want to hurt somebody with my actions. Somehow, I want play by my rules, and screw theirs. I want to show them that they can't mess with me.

Shut up Micah, suck it up, stop whining. You know the only people you could possibly hurt are the ones that don't deserve it. You know that this is wrong. Just. Shut. Up.

*sigh*... okay.


  1. When I read the rules this afternoon I was shocked that they had so successfully leached every facet of creativity from the category. I mean, no props that make sound? Serious? Gah! Expos used to be so fun, my favorite category to watch, and this, this is like, sterile.

    Actually, that's insensitive of me. Revising the rules was really difficult. It's just . . . this is going to be an un-fun year. I have a vibe. Yay for an exercise in being long-suffering! [just, gag me with a spoon . . .]

    At least the rules are clearer. Hopefully that will mean less drama at qualifiers.

  2. yeah.
    whining is bad.

    don't do it.

    (especially at tournaments)

    the end.