Saturday, September 26, 2009

How I research

Step 1: Open Firefox, go to Pandora, Gmail, Google Reader, MLIA, and Google
Step 2: Select Pandora radio station, read unread emails, read unread blog posts, read unread MLIA posts, use Google whenever you come across a word you don't know.
Step 3: Google whatever it is you're supposed to be briefing, click on first link without reading it.
Step 4: Hear song on Pandora station that you want to know the lyrics to.
Step 5: Google lyrics
Step 6: 30 minute guitar break while you learn to play that song.
Step 7: Get a snack
Step 8: Read (parts of) the article,
Step 9: Remember that you haven't read the case you're supposed to be briefing
Step 10: 30 minute break while you find and read the case
Step 11: Select one quote from article for use in brief
Step 12: Call it a day, close applications.
Step 13: Remember that you never saved the document.
Step 14: Do it all over again, plus congratulate yourself on having productively learned a song on the guitar.