Friday, August 21, 2009

Part of a plan

I'm lost in a sea of doubt
Hosts of worries all about
Not sure what I've gone without
Trying to find my way out

Forced now to chose a way
A path through all this gray
That choice I have delayed
Put off for another day

I'm still unsure of where to go
I'm still not really "in the know"
I'm hoping that You'll show
A way that isn't with the flow

I spent so long with my head bowed
Just going with the crowd
To scared to speak out loud
Of life beyond that shroud

I don't know what it could be
But you have a plan for me
And be it loss or victory
I'm waiting now for your decree

I'm one soul, that's all I am
One single son of man
But before time began
I was part of Your plan

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