Sunday, August 30, 2009

movies and books and thoughts (Oh my!)

I vaguely considered writing a poem called Swing, comparing a set of swings and a set of gallows, but I decided that I don't feel morbid enough right now to do it. I'll jot it down in my notebook so I don't forget to write that poem some other time...

...On the same page, I have an idea for a book called Hot Potato. It would be about a timer bomb, the whole book would take place in 24 hours (but without Jack Bauer) It's basically about a bomb that keeps changing hands, ticking ever lower as it goes. Kind of like a mix between Vantage Point and Eagle Eye. At least, the plot in Eagle Eye before we found out that the suitcase wasn't a bomb. The whole movie kind of tanked after that. I wish Shia LaBeouf had died in the end, it would have made the movie so much better. I like books and movies where the main character dies. I wonder if I like them just because of that, or if I like them because they break away from the trend. Would I still like them if a bunch of books and movies had the main character die in the end?

I was in blockbuster today and I really, really wanted to get The Prestige, but I was told not to get anything too scary. As in, nothing PG-13. I also wanted to get The Dead Poets Society, but I was told to get something that my younger brothers would like. So I got Inkheart, which is probably going to be complete trash because it has Brandan Fraser in it.

Thinking of movies, I freaking hate Brandan Fraser as an actor. Journey to the Center of the Earth was complete trash, and his character made it even worse. He was okay in The Mummy, I guess... the third one, with the chinese guys. Luke Ford looks and acts so much like Devin Moon, I thought Devin had acted in that film.

I think it would be cool to write a movie script. Not as cool as a book, but different. When I write, I'm always picturing how things would look if what I write was made into a movie. When I write fiction, that is, I don't really see how this could be turned into a movie. And even if it were, it would be a movie about a kid sitting and typing on his computer. I had another book/movie idea that was kind of like that.

It starts out with an old man at a typewriter. He's writing his biography (do I say "he's writing his autobiography"? Or is that just redundant?) Anyway, the old man is writing about his life, it would be a novel/biography, like Jayber Crow (only way less awesome because I'm not Wendell Barry) Except, the catch is, the book would end with the word "died". And that would be because the old man wrote about his own death, and he typed the word "died" while he was dying. That's the whole premise, a beginning and an ending, and everything in between could be whatever. I want to say it's kind of open ended, but it isn't. It's more... Open middled.

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  1. Update: Inkheart was actually okay. Fraser was terrible, as usual, but I loved the character of Dustfinger. Also, the scriptwriters did what the books should done: made it a single! Cornelia Funk totally didn't need to write that series as a trilogy, the whole premise of reading things from books is only enough to make it through one book. The movie wrapped up all of the lose ends instead of setting up for a second film, so that's why it was actually okay.