Saturday, August 15, 2009

how I spent my day

Summer works strangely upon an organized mind. Prolonged absence from church due to vacation, a lack of calendars upon our eyelids... Yes. Today, Jonny forgot that it was Saturday, and did school all morning. I know this because he told me when I woke up at noon. Clearly, one of us is better at keeping track of the day of the week.

(actually, that's a lie, I would have slept in till noon even if it wasn't saturday)

Today I did something truly disgusting.

For months my mind has pondered what a nutella and fluff sandwich would taste like. Today I found out. As I formed the sandwich my mind screamed out, "Are you insane! This is going to kill you! The universe will explode, and if it doesn't, you'll get cavities!" But my curiosity screamed louder, "But you'll die if you don't try it. You'll be forever tormented with the thought of what this sandwich tastes like if you refuse to taste it. Do it... do it now!"

It was horrible.
I'm going to go brush my teeth now, I wouldn't want to get cavities.
Let me know if the universe explodes.


  1. At least now you won't live your entire life wondering what would have happened if you'd struck the proverbial bell. :)

  2. you . . . you took the precious gift of Nutella and freaking desecrated it, man. I'm glad you're penitent.