Tuesday, July 21, 2009

With a shuddering breath, all encompassing in breadth
the whole world pulled into lungs of enthusiasm.
only to have that breath held too long, and become stale
to become listlessness
and lethargy
and apathy

What started out with such vigor not becomes a symbol
of the very thing it set out to destroy: it's great enemy.
the vigor of youth is crushed by time
for it must obey time,
it serves as a slave the very thing it wages war against.

Why this foolish battle? Cannot the young see the folly
of their skirmish? No, not until they have lost the fight
will they see that this war was fought in vain.

By then it shall be too late for them, but they lay their hope
that the young who follow them will take heed to their example
the example of all history, ignored by every generation of youth
and preached by every generation of youth who are young no more.

Is there an escape from this vicious cycle?
Define, I ask you, escape.
For the youth will refuse to surrender, regardless of the odds
and escape can only be found in surrender,
so... no, there is no escape.
and if there is, it will only be found by the young
but only after they are young no more,
then escape was within their reach anyway.

There is no escape visible to the young
and no telegram can be sent by the old
(who are beyond escape)
that will reach their past selves.

But there is a hope.
the knowledge that, in the end comes a truce
we shall be at peace with time
in or out of it, but without an end to it in sight.
for the very reason we strive against time when we are finite
is because we know that there will be a time when we are eternal.

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