Saturday, July 4, 2009

Why do I struggle with this self infatuation,
why do I act like I'm a one man population?
And is it something unique to my generation,
or is it just more of the same human condition?
Am I the only one who feels this desperation,
and can you tell me why we live this desolation?
Everyone else is focused on some destination
but how could a goalless struggle give motivation?

This is the rat race, money is its motivation.
In the now this transience finds its fascination.
Everything skin deep, our lives and our conversation.
We all feel better when we leave out expectation.
We don't feel guilty when we neglect obligation.
We have made for ourselves a sort of hibernation,
and stay asleep by way of self manipulation.
We've made the most important things mere recreation.

Far too long in coming was this realization,
that what we thought real was only cheap imitation.
We ourselves are guilty of our self molestation,
We ourselves incapable of self liberation.
Some people try finding freedom in meditation.
some people try reaching freedom in congregation.
some people try grasping freedom in occupation.
All of them are perpetrators of self deception.

Fools! For what cause do you search so for revelation?
Know you not that your actions require compensation?
That every one of you must pay for your transgression,
and that your hopeless debt punished with conflagration?
But He made a way for you, long before creation.
He planned your way of escape through His incarnation.
And through the Son, through His death and His resurrection,
through true love's death, He made a way for your salvation.

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  1. Micah. Do I tell you enough how much I love your poetry? This one cuts to the quick.