Monday, July 13, 2009

story time

Earlier today I had a sore throat. I don't know why, it might because of all the singing I've been doing lately for Godspell, or it might be because I'm getting a cold. The important thing is that I had a sore throat, and even that isn't very important.

Then, because I had a sore throat, I decided to make myself a cup of tea with lots of honey in it, to make my throat feel better. But then I remembered that the other day I had used the last of the Lipton tea. So I decided that I guess I wouldn't have tea with honey after all. Then, because my throat hurt, I began to look around for something else to make my throat feel better that wasn't cough syrup or a cough drop. I figured out that there isn't anything else to make your throat feel better.

So I decided that I would have tea after all. I grabbed the bag of tea bags (it's a big zip-lock bag that we keep all of our small-not zip-lock tea bags in) and I noticed all the variety. I then thought to myself "Self, it's kind of lame that you were going to not have tea just because you couldn't have the flavor you wanted." and then I thought, "Hey, that's right. I'm going to do something different today." So I went through the whole bag of tea bags looking for something that wasn't Lipton. It wasn't hard, there wasn't any Lipton.

The problem with the bag of tea bags is that everything in there is either peppermint or chai(sp?). I don't like peppermint or chai(sp?) tea. So I wimped out and picked the tea that smelled most like Lipton: Dearjeling.

Then I thought, "Hey, I'll pretend that I'm frezned and make a video about my tea adventure." And then, because I was going to make a video, I got the empty box of Lipton for a prop. And I found that there was one tea bag left. So I had Lipton tea after all. And I didn't make a video. I'll wait until the next time I want tea, when the Lipton is actually gone. Except by then somebody will probably have thrown out the empty Lipton box. Oh well.

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