Monday, July 6, 2009

worth believing

Welcome to condemnation,
welcome to complication,
welcome to the ignition,
welcome to the sedition.

And I can't take this affliction
can't shake my self addiction.
can't change my situation
I live in desolation.

I cry in desperation
I'm dying for salvation
Oh God, I'm your creation
now be my preservation.

Oh, give me something to believe in
A reason to keep breathing
Prepare a way of living.
And I know, that you're the only person that can
change the way that I've been,
and rescue me from my sin.
Because, You give me something worth believing.

I'm filled now with conviction,
My joy: the crucifixion
My hope: the resurrection
the promise of perfection.

Oh, you give me something to believe in,
and You change the way that I've been,
and You cover me with your compassion.
You gave me something worth believing.

1 comment:

  1. Micah, thank you so much for this post. My life isn't story-book dramatic, but the little things are making it rough right now. Thanks for reminder that I do have something worth believing... something to live for.