Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weight of Glory

C.S. Lewis rocks my face off.

I know that it seems that Weight of Glory has been on my "currently reading" list forever (if you pay attention to that kind of thing) but that's only because I've been reading a bunch of books in between. Since I don't have any books to read right now (and going to the Library doesn't fix that problem) I was chipping away at Weight of Glory, determined to finally finish it. Except, I don't really want to, I want to keep reading it forever. Lewis has so many great thoughts. If you haven't yet, read Weight of Glory (the book, the sermon is okay, but not the best essay in the book.) Highlights from the book are Why I am not a Pacifist (which, although not enough to completely convince me of the falsehood of pacifism, was a very good read and presented an excellent case) Is Theology Poetry? (Which was just fun to read, and also a very different take on the conflict between Christianity and Wellsianity) and The Inner Ring (which contains excellent advice regarding friendship/ambition)

"And if in your spare time you consort simply with the people you like, you will again find that you have come unawares to a real inside, that you are indeed snug and safe at the centre of something which, seen from without, would look exactly like an Inner Ring. But the difference is that its secrecy is accidental, and its exclusiveness a by-product, and no one was led thither by the lure of the esoteric, for it is only four of five people who like one another meeting to do things that they like. It is friendship. Aristotle placed it among the virtues. It causes perhaps half of all the happiness in the world, and no Inner Ring can ever have it."

~C.S. Lewis, The Inner Ring, Weight of Glory


  1. C.S. Lewis rocks my face off too. I'm currently reading "That Hideous Strength" and finding it amazing. :)

  2. oh, oh, oh!

    We read "The Inner Ring" at Lunch the other day :)