Saturday, May 16, 2009

What is it to me?
As long as I know my destination.
What is it to me?
As long as I'm sure of my salvation.
What is it to me?
Where everybody else will go?
What was it to Him?
More than I'll ever know.

Why did I never care?
Why did I never see?
Why did I never care?
What's wrong with me?

Change me, break me and form me anew
Fill me with something that longs for you.
Teach me to adopt the new mindset
that I should have had from the outset.
Show me the enormity of your love
Show me what I need to be part of.
Playing by the rules isn't enough
Loving your neighbor is harder stuff.

God, do something with this calloused heart
Begin the process only you can start,
heal this hateful heart of stone
make it love like the love you've shown.

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