Friday, March 6, 2009

HItler speaker.

"Words build bridges into unexplored regions."

How incredible the spoken word is. To be what it does. To be how it does. To be why it does. All at once, and although it falls so horribly short, although it cannot show all that needs to be shown, although it requires silence, and um, and like, and what is frowned upon as poor communication, is the transmission of a beautiful thought.


A breaking word. Word that tells you why everything about you is irredeemable. How everything you've ever done and ever do and ever will do will bring only the scorn and dislike of the speaker, forever. Ever. "Hate is a strong word" It holds power to kill. It is murder. "Hate is more lasting than dislike." But with one word, I don't need to explain all of this. And if I'm feeling it, I don' t need a translator to make someone understand that in English, "hate" means that I want them dead.

Ideas become so hard to manifest. Translating a thought into words is an incomplete translation. Because a thought isn't just a spoken word. A thought has elements of all senses, more than the five. "Lion King" brings the font, the front cover, and the sunrise on the African plane. There isn't one word that makes everyone think the same exact thing, and that is a failure of language. If there where such words, ideas could be communicated by statements of single words. Instead, because of the failures of language, we must communicate in a lengthy, inefficient way. And often, the results are not what we want at all. Miscommunication.

And, like a broken record, Hitler is held up as an example of what the ability to use words effectively can produce. Choose you're words carefully, because they build bridges. Bridges into unexplored regions. And there, there be monsters.

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