Sunday, February 1, 2009

Converse Concave

Life is about shoes.  Coming from a guy, that probably sounds weird, but it's true.  I own 7 pairs of shoes (three of them are boots actually).  That's probably not a lot compared to some (read: my mom) but its enough for me.  The latest addition of footwear was a pair of converses.  Materialism, prompted by it, I purchased a pair of shoes that are totally impractical to living in New Hampshire... but they're amazingly comfortable and I like the looks of them.  Thankfully, I didn't pay $50 for them because they aren't All-Star Chucks, they're the $9.00 Old Navy cop-out version.  "Your shoes match." "No they don't, mine aren't high-tops." "Your shoes coordinate then."

Do the type of shoes you wear define you?  Yes.
"I wear a lot of hats" ... metaphorically, that means you hold different capacities.   But with shoes, you can't do that.  Shoes are your path, what you walk, how you walk, you can't take them off and on like you can with hats.  The type of shoe you wear is intrinsic to your personality.  All of this a metaphor, you can wear multiple hats, and which one people know you by is just which one is on top.  

"I'm looking for men who will suffer. I'm looking for men who will sacrifice. I'm looking for men who will separate themselves from the dream of this world. I'm looking for men who will subject themselves to my will. I'm looking for men who will serve. I'm looking for men, Peter, who will soldier. Now, Peter, do you love me?  With shoes on?"


  1. Oh, fake out! Authentic Chucks are over-rated.

    I like that song. Actually, this reminds me of a horrific movie I watched when I was little, about a girl who wanted red ballet shoes, and she did something horrendous to get them, and when she put them on she started to dance, but then she couldn't stop. So she danced herself to death.

    So I guess the shoes we put on matters.

  2. First of Hayley...that's a twisted movie.

    Second, Micah I have to ask you: What if I go barefoot? What does THAT say? :-/

    I would go so far as to say that....chuck's and all subsequent knock-off's are overrated, they are not that comfortable, high tops are a pain to put on, and take off, and...come on...they're made out of cloth!

  3. Wow, Michael, don't hate on the canvas tennis shoe. (Okay, yeah, total pain to lace up, but so freakishly comfortable. And durable. I shoveled my driveway and cleared invasive fauna with my Chucks on.)

  4. Yeah, the metaphor kinda breaks down at the beach...