Thursday, February 26, 2009

College and critiques and things like chemistry

I don't know what box it was, but apparently I checked a box on the PSAT that means that every college in the country is going to send me a letter offering me a free subscription to something, or giving me tips on "how to choose our college that's right for you.", or (in the case of St. Lawrence) a free hat.

By the 20th letter I had started judging schools by how easy their envelopes were to open (University of Delaware... fail. University of Miami... forgot to seal the envelope)   There are so many schools out there, the choice is becoming daunting.  Fortunately, I still have senior year to figure that out.  

Thursday, today, was the first day (of the rest of my life) of the Granite State Regional.  Our robot works, yay, not very well, but we're fixing that.  That's all day tomorrow and Saturday as well... then I do two days worth of school on Sunday (after church) and start cramming for LD.  Probably rewriting all my cases, since last Tuesday left me feeling inadequate.  



  1. I KNOW, RIGHT?! I don't know why I checked that box.

    I feel exceedingly guilty for not doing any prep for debate. It's an idk-where-to-start fail.

    I wish robotics pwnage to you and your team!